The different geographical features of the municipalities which form the MMS originate in unique raw materials. These, linked to  traditional methods of elaboration, result in an exquisite gastronomy.

In our coastal municipalities we can taste exquisite fish and shellfish which derive from the waters of the Cantabrian Sea. Currently, at least once a year, Noja, Isla and Suances celebrate shellfish exhibitions. Each town has speciallized in a specific product.  This is the case of the famous lobster in Isla or the crabs in Noja. Meanwhile, we encourage the tasting of typical foods from the  fishing villages of Suances, Santoña, Colindres and Laredo, such as mackerel, marmite and pollo marino, its main ingredient being tuna. We cannot forget to taste the famous anchovies in Santoña and the delicious fish, such as the European seabass, the turbot, the jargo (diplodus sargo), and the sole.

Also famous are the fish obtained in the Rivers  Pas and Asón, such as the trout, the salmon and the eels. In addition, the sellfish catched in the municipalities adjacent to the  marshes of de Santoña, Victoria  y Joyel, such as clams and razor clams (locally known as muergos), are also popular in the local cuisine.

The municipalities of Ramales, Rasines, Liendo and Polanco are characterized by the quality of their meats and their traditional spoon dishes.

From the vegetable gardens we can enjoy the red peppers in Isla and the turnip stalks in Laredo, which are the main ingredient for a highly valued dish.

All these foods can be accompined by different drinks from the area, such as beer from Ampuero, cider from Escalante and wine from Voto.

Finally, we will be tasting beautiful desserts, such as soft chesse from Las Garmillas in Ampuero or the hot chocolate with fried sweet bread in Limpias.

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