Good Hiker´s Guide


senderistas-votoThe enjoyment and observation of nature is one of the cheapest types of leisure time which, in some cases, alters the environment due to the large number of people turning out.

At the time of the hike we always should have in mind a serious of basic rules to achieve a good preservation of the natural space, in benefit of nature itself and our future generations.


  • Obey the parks and nature areas rules.
  • Use marked paths.
  • Avoid accoustic contamination, enjoy the silence.
  • Do not disturb animals. Do not touch them.
  • Do not pick branches or flowers.


  • Dress in discrete colours, we must go unnoticed.
  • Be quite.
  • Use birdwatching designated areas and shelters.
  • Early in the morning and evenings are the best time to birdwatch, as birds are normally more active and the possibility of seeing them is greater.
  • Do not touch nests.
  • Carry binoculars, a notebook and if possible, a field guide.
  • Be patient.


  • Divide large groups into smaller ones, as less people causes less disturbances.
  • Use appropiate seasonal clothes and shoes.
  • Leave nature as you would like to find it. Do not leave rubish behind, take it to the nearest bin.
  • Respect private properties.
  • Never leave fences opened.
  • Park your vehicle in permitted areas.
  • Get information on weather reports for the duration of the trip.




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