Turismo Sostenible Cantabria

Our land

The bond our people have with the land and the sea has provided us with traditions and ways that have continued till today.
In valuing these traditions we seek for the future generations to mantain the balance between traditional and modern ways.

Santoña , Victoria and Joyel Marshes Nature Park

One of the most important wetlands in Spain, this is where numerous migratory birds can be observed, making good use of this natural space as a resting area on their journeys towards warmer destinations.


Covalanas, declared Heritage of Humanity, is popularly known as the cave of the red deers, due to the existence of these type of paintings on its walls. It is dominated by the dotted contour outline, made with fingers, which is a modality used along the Cantabrian mountain range.

Don´t miss it!

The old town, declared Historic-Artistic Ensemble, originated in the year 1200 when Alfonso VIII granted Laredo its charter. It preserves six streets in grid, a typical Medieval times feature.


On our coastal line we can find from sharp and steep cliffs whith quite and isolated beaches to large sandy areas with all servicies available.


The aim of Sustainable Tourism of Cantabria is to promote and empower those places that mantain the authentic charm within the territory comprising the Community of Sustainable Municipalities (MMS). The respect towards the environment and the local society, as well as the exchange of experiences will allow for both, visitors and residents, to obtain a positive experience when travelling.

When we talk about sustainable tourism we refer to those activities
respectul with the natural, cultural and social environments and with the values of a conmunity that allows to enjoy a positive exchange of experiences between locals and visitors. Therefore, the relantionship between tourists and the conmunity is fair, the benefits are shared equally and visitors have a trully participative attitude.

Route of Santiago

The route of Santiago is one of the pathways with History through Cantabria. We show you the pilgrims itinerary through our municipalities in detail, as well as information of interest useful for those who decide to inciate the trip soon.


We invite you to a culinary route to taste the most traditional dishes and the Cantabrian products par excellence.


Of great ornithological importance, 1st resting place for birds coming from northern origins.Special Protected Area for Birds Site of Community Importance RAMSAR Wetland, International Importance for birds and aquatic species habitats.


Get to know and enjoy the charm of our towns. Discover the great variety of patrimony and travel to other ages.


ACCESSIBLE TOURISM FOR ALL.Essential accessibility for the 10% of population, necessary for the 40% and comfortable for the 100%.

Good hicker´s guide

If you would like to LEAVE ONLY YOUR FOOTSTEPS BEHIND, follow our advice.


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